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Where I Write My Words

On Loma Vista Street, my writing space started out on a desk my father-in-law had found in his Johnstown, Pennsylvania, alley and refinished. I pushed it up against a window in the corner of our bedroom in 2002 and wrote nearly every day, a lifetime of words finally...

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What’s What

This is a short story based on the life of Mary Minus Biddle, a real woman who lived in my home state of Florida about the time slaves were being emancipated.   Ann  Mary Minus Biddle shifted her bony behind on the hard pew, sweat soaking the back of her best dress....

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About Ann

About Ann

Ann Lee Miller holds a BA and MFA in creative writing. She teaches writing in Phoenix, but left her heart in Florida.Over 100,000 copies of her five novels have been downloaded from Amazon. She is hard at work on a memoir about growing up on a sailboat. When she’s not embroiled in a crisis–real or imagined–you’ll find her hiking in the Arizona mountains with her husband or meddling in her kids’ lives.

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