Growing Up on a Sailboat

Women and Cruising Blog

As an 11-year-old, moving aboard a sailboat warranted little more than an eye roll. My dad, a dead ringer for Willie Nelson…

Channeling the Raging River of Ambition

The Seekers

Ambition rages through me, splashing over the banks as it goes….

The 10 Commandments of Garage Sailing

The Little Millers

I love going to garage sales because I can afford anything on the driveway….

An Email from God

Phyllis Wheeler

An e-mail from God showed up in my in-box last November, during a year I strained to wring out the deeper novel my literary agent was convinced I had in me….

Writing the 'Christian' into Fiction

Team Nerd Reviews

Faith shows up in all my books, but as a natural part of how the characters deal with their issues…

Finding Rest in the Daily Crazy

The Brethren Evangelist

I sat in the prayer room during my turn of a week long 24/7 prayer vigil…